10 Things Only Pitbull Owners Understand

1. That feeling when you get to the dog park and all the other dog owners suddenly leave, because people assume he’s aggressive. 

2. Finding a place to live can be more difficult.

3. You have to be very picky about the toys you bring home.

The ball only lasted for 5 minutes

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4. There is nothing compares to a Bully cuddle…

5. Pittie love > Personal belongings

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6. As muscular and huge as they are, they are really soft on the inside.

7. The snoring. You might get used to it, but warn the neighbors.

8. Pitbulls were once known as nanny dog.

9. They are masters of manipulating you with their puppy eyes.

10. Only Pittie parents know that each dog has its own unique personality; they’re just waiting for love from the right human to bring it out!

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