Top 5 Toughest Dog Toys For English Mastiffs

Top 5 Toughest Dog Toys For English Mastiffs

Does your Mastiff destroy every toy in a blink of an eye? You’re not alone. Because of their giant size, not all toys are designed to hold for this breed. But today is your luck day, we have found this top 5 toys that even a Mastiff cannot destroy!

1. Magnum Can Toys

This can toy holds magnum strength! Made with proprietary magnum compound has a special additive for increased tear strength. If your dog destroys everything, then this can toy delivered by Power Chewer Box is the best choice.

Power Chewer Box offers the best policy in the business. They stand by their products and offers a 14 days durability and satisfaction guarantee guarantee. While no dog toy is indestructible, this toy has been tooth tested and holds up to the vast majority of dogs. 

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2. Flavorit Flavor Infused Bone Dog Toy XL

We love this Flavorit bone from Power Chewer Box because it smells delicious! With Food-grade peanut butter flavoring throughout, it’s totally tasty on its own. But what makes it even better is that there are tiny flavor cells molded into both sides of the bone that you can fill with cheese and other spreadable treats, and it holds just enough to lure your dog, but not so much that he’s getting excessive extra calories.

A very good boy waiting for his Flavorit Bone from Power Chewer Box

This non-edible nylon dog chew is made to provide aggressive chewers with hours of yummy, licking fun. Engineered for powerful chewers with a durable and safe nylon material, this bone offers long-lasting entertainment that helps save your shoes.

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3. Dog Orbee-Tuff Plate Ball

A virtually indestructible (and guaranteed) chew toys! Thanks to Power Chewer Box, we are now getting the toughest chew toys on the market.

With their 14 days guarantee, if your dog chew through the toy, they will replace a new one for you for free! Everything is designed and made in USA so it gives you peace of mind!

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4. Heavy Duty Bone Dog Treat

Unless other bones we got before, this one is very long lasting and it doesn’t break off easily so you don’t need to worry about chocking hazard.

My 100lbs Mastiff is still obsessing with this bone we got from Power Chewer Box after 2 weeks! Power Chewer Box delivers all these toys every month, go ahead and get yours today!

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5. Liver Flavor Antler Large

This Antler is from Power Chewer Box, and because of its delicious meaty smell, My Mastiff has gone crazy about it. He drools all over it (you know they put a capital D in Drool) These are inspired by real Elk & Deer antlers and eliminate the risks of bone fragments and broken teeth.

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