Top 5 Most Durable Dog Toys for American Bully

Top 5 Most Durable Dog Toys for American Bully

Finding and buying the best toys for American Bullies is a tough mission. Bullies, as well as Pits, Mastiffs and Rottweilers, have incredibly strong jaws that very few toys will resist. We’ve all been there, but we’ve got your back this time and we’ve shortlisted the absolute top 5 toys for American Bully Dogs.

1. Marrow Wishbone

These Marrow Wishbones are the only chewable nylon bones with “jerky flavor down the middle!” Perfect for strong chewers, nylon shavings act like a tooth brush and help remove tartar from the dog’s teeth.

I also recommend it because, unlike traditional rawhide bones, this bone will last! The large wishbone shape allows for easy gripping while providing hours of chewing satisfaction.

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2. Fire Hydrant Super Tough Dog Chew Toy Large

We receive this adorable Fire Hydrant chew toy from our latest Power Chewer Box! This toy is constructed with the most rugged grade, it is made of AA supplementary double walled natural rubber from Hevea Brasiliensis trees. So, it is totally safe for your dog to chew on. This toy is designed for extreme powerful chewers and we are not disappointed!

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3. Rawhide Style Nylon Barkbone

Yes! A Rawhide but NOT Rawhide. These Rawhide Style Bacon Flavor BarkBone Dog Chew Toy is a healthy alternative for pups that love to chew & love Rawhide. This is the ONLY Rawhind Bones I recommend that’s good for your bully.

It’s a Rawhide without the bad stuff on it, no chemicals. Massive solid FDA compliant, USA sourced Nylon and real Bacon infused for countless hours of safe chewing pleasure. The large size one is massive and long lasting!

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4. X-Tire Ball with Single Rope Large

If you are looking for some tough toys that you can play with your dog, I would recommend this X-tire with rope chew toy. It is not the toughest toy comparing to other kinds, but it is strong enough to hold for a long period of time! Plus, This is perfect for games of tug and fetch with Jingle Bell inside. I like to take this toy with me to the dog park and my dog always has a blast!

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5. Goughnuts

Probably one of the toughest toys we ever got from Power Chewer Box! It’s so tough my dog can only left some bite marks on the toy after a week of playing it.

One more thing I like about Power Chewer Box is that they deliver toys like this to my dog every month because when I googled the retail price for this large Doughnuts, I was shocked! If you have a tough chewer like me, you should definitely give Power Chewer Box a try!

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